EzCon Product Exhibition in EDIFICA 2019 - Chile

2019/10/02 - 2019/10/05
10:00 ~ 18:00
Espacio Riesco Hall 2
Booth No.4 (Taiwan Pavillion)

EzCon smart power control system has overturned the traditional way and provided better connection of human and things through remote controller. In addition to the advantages of being affordable and convenient, the EzCon products have a special patented design, which are absolutely safe and make the term “short circuit” a thing of history.

EzCon product systems can guarantee that there will be no short circuit risk. All products developed by Team Young have over current protection with special patent design. The over current device can accurately predict over current situation and immediately cut off the circuit to avoid spontaneous combustion. Therefore, if EzCon products were used in Notre Dame April 2019, the circuit can be cut off before the short circuit causes electrical fires, thus avoiding such a shocking event.


About Team Young

Team Young Technology Corp. dedicated to research, unique technology, and innovative design to provide our customers a “Smarter Living, Better Life” products. In the last two years, Team Young Corp. has been granted 6 utility patents (Patents for invention), 14 patents pending and more than 32 patent applications will be submitted in the near future. We have developed smart power remote control system, multi-cell power management system, vehicle battery continuation system, innovative home appliances and other smart devices under EzCon, EzLife, EzBPower, EzIC, and EzSoftware categories.